1. Sweaty and pumping iron before yoga to fight the blues. #GPOY (at 24 Hour Fitness - Santa Barbara Sport)

  2. Arco Circe en Santa Bárbara (at Chromatic Gate)


  4. 3D Printing Buildings - Video

    The future of 3D Printing Buildings - Video “Architecture and Design with Valentine”

    3D Printing Buildings on Architecture and Design with Valentine

    In the launch of this series “Architecture and Design with Valentine” about the future and possibilities of architecture and design, we discuss the upcoming arrival of 3D printing technology for use on the building scaleand what it could mean for our landscape, cities, and neighborhoods. This exciting technology could radically…

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  5. dezainnet:

    発電所とスキー場を一緒にするプランをBIGのビャルケ・インゲルスが説明している動画 (dezeen)

    BIG’s combined power plant and ski slope is “turning science fiction into fact” (dezeen)

    I’m so tired of the egomania of humans.

    (Source: dezeen.com, via architectureofdoom)

  6. Message board (at Pacific Pride Festival on Ledbetter Beach! Santa Barbara California:)!)

  7. Relief Monument (at The Beach At The Avi)

  8. Flowers in Bloom, 1997

    by Jessë Valentine Portz American, born 1973

  9. #Family at the #jamesturrell #light #art #installation. #nofilter for #kupuna in #vegas. (at James Turrell Exhibit At Louis Vuitton)

  10. #blue #light #special, hanging out with the #kupuna. #jamesturrell (at ARIA Resort & Casino)