1. #donnerlake #alpine #lake #california (at Donner Lake)

  2. #drumming at the brown house (at Casa De Marrón)


  3. The ‘OITNB’ star also talks about her twin brother, who plays the pre-trans version of her character Sophia


  5. deerhoof:

    here’s the real story of how we met……. mary sent me a message on tumblr saying “hey your kitchen looks like mine” and then figured out that we lived in the same building (which is pretty small for apartments, there’s only four floors of studios & 1brs) then regularly left me notes, cookies, and…

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  6. bustedhalo:

    Day 31: Just because we’re here everyday doesn’t mean it doesn’t feel any less like a vacation spot! #vacation #bhsummerphoto

  7. icantellfromthepixels:

    I spent last night camped on the playa with the Survey Team. Waking before dawn we were greeted by this. #BM2014 #DPW #Survey #DPW2014 #sunrise #desert #dawn (at Black Rock City 2014)

  8. Sweaty and pumping iron before yoga to fight the blues. #GPOY (at 24 Hour Fitness - Santa Barbara Sport)

  9. Arco Circe en Santa Bárbara (at Chromatic Gate)